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A Large Country Garden

A Large Country Garden

This is my garden and it is forever evolving. Set high on a hill above Salisbury I have had to adapt to some severe gardening conditions. High winds, thin chalk, deer, rabbits, the list goes on. Subsequently I do not try and grow and protect anything that I feel is susceptible to any of these conditions or predators. No roses unless left to grow tall so only the bases can be browsed, no tall brittle plants that need staking as they are battered by the wind. I spend a lot of time observing the local flora whilst out walking, and try growing plants that are adapted from species plants indigenous to the area such as Valeriana officinalis, Origanum, Geranium pyrenaicum but to name a few.
I am forever improving the soil, and trying out new plant combinations, some of which the most successful are purely chances of nature. Most likely self seeded, as I actively encourage my garden to move around, and do not spend my time weeding out seedlings unless there are too many of them. Some plants outgrow others, some do not thrive well, but my garden acts as a trialling ground which enables me to try things out first rather than on my clients, or at least thats the plan!


11th July 2016